Implant Bodies & Healing Caps

Standard & Narrow Platforms Available

Drills & Drivers

Standard, Narrow, Straight & Conical Platforms Available

Impression Copings & Abutments

Available in Standard, Narrow, Angular, Straight & Wide

Lab Products

Standard & Narrow Platforms Available

Superior Implant Technology

Welcome to bioDENT

A dynamic and innovative, service-based company providing dentists with a complete solution. Our clients benefit from computerised implant planning, custom individual implants using laser-sintering techniques and, in a nation-wide first, a dedicated one on one mentoring program – Select Implants, focused on coaching and training in dental implant treatment and after care.

bioDENT partners with global implant leader, AB Dental to constantly improve and expand our innovative line of products; how we service our dentist partners and deliver our Select Implants mentoring program.

bioDENT provides ongoing training for all of our dentists and dental technicians, as well as our national Select Implant mentoring programs as part of our commitment to the continued professional development of our dentist partners.

Delivered from our industry leading novaMED facility in Ringwood which caters from theoretical classroom-based learning to hands on patient-based training.

For the Dentist

With top-of-the-line technology and extensive industry experience, we specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of dental implants, prosthetic products and surgical tools.

For the Patient

Your dentist can virtually plan the ideal location for your implants, using advanced 3D imaging software. All the measurements and decisions are made before the treatment, making the actual placement of the implants easier and faster. 

Advanced Dental Implant Products


Internal Hex, Narrow Platform, Conical Platform and One Piece Implants.

Healing Caps

Narrow, Standard and Wide Platforms.


Straight, Conical, Coated, Counter Sink & Trephine Drills.

Prosthetic Options

Prosthetic Options in Standard, Narrow and Conical Platforms.


bioDENT brings implantology into the future with a 3D digitally planned implant method.